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Sophia Lee Georgas is a visual artist living and working in Sydney, Australia. Georgas attributes her art practice to her fixation with architectural structures dedicated to higher beings from her transpersonal experiences as a child in Greek Orthodox churches. She attempts to render these buildings into painterly ‘thought-forms’ as their perfectly aesthetic and idealistic forms transformed into symbolic elements on her canvas. Vast cavernous spaces, altars and pulpits are translated in colourful and geometric shapes, yet their fragmentation offers an alternate view of these sacred spaces. Dream-like in quality, Georgas’ works offer an alternate scene, one filled with the imperfections of reality.  


Georgas graduated from The National Art School in Sydney with a Master of Fine Arts (2021) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (2019). Georgas was recently awarded the British School of Rome Residency 2023 to commence in late September to late December 2023 and The Seed Exhibition 2024, a solo exhibition at Orange Regional Gallery in mid-2024. Georgas has been selected as a finalist in the Fifty Squared Art Prize and Lethbridge 20000 Art Award 2023, the Waverly Art Award 2022 and Fisher’s Ghost Art Award 2022, the Grace Cossington Smith Art Award 2021, and the Clyde & Co Art Award 2020.  

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