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As a visual artist, I am creating a new way of seeing and understanding architectural imagery
with sacred connotations. I am fascinated with the material representations of a paradise on
earth. It has led my investigation into how contemporary art, through the use of colour,
collage, fragmentation, and geometry in spiritual and transcendent forms, can imply a sacred
realm. During my transpersonal experiences from childhood to adolescence, I felt an
awareness of an otherworldly dimension through the sensation of a spiritual aesthetic in
churches. The fragments within the interior and exterior facade resemble unspoken yearnings
and spatial order of awe-inspiring power. In each space, I became aware of an aura of a
higher being, finding myself absorbed in the search for a mystical realm of my own


My paintings are based on the photographs of existing architectural spaces that I believe
retain an overwhelming divine and god-like presence in the structure. My artworks attempt to
represent the paradisical entity through alternative imagery, defying the everyday depictions
of a divine realm. I am exploring how the medium of paint can offer a deeper dimension
through the utilisation of transcendent forms, harmonious colours, geometric compositions,

and hard-edged shapes.

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